Confessions of a Size Queen: Only a Big Penis Will Do

Size Queen Confessions

Size Queen: I Like Big Penises


My name is A Big Butt And A Smile and I am a size queen.

I like big penises. Really big ones. It’s funny though because I’ve learned that big is relative. I had this conversation with my cousin and a friend of hers and when they said big they meant seven maybe eight inches.

When I told them I liked them nine inches or better, they told me I liked to have my uterus rearranged and quickly decided I was a secret masochist who liked a little pain with my sex.

Hmmm…there might be some truth to that.

A little pain never hurt anyone. And there is no pain quite like a large penis entering you for the first time.

Something about that full feeling that works so well for me.

Size QueenNow granted, all of the men I have slept with haven’t been big ones.

Most are definitely above average, one will forever be known as Mr. Coke Bottle Penis (there is such a thing as too big), one was so small that I’ve seen bigger ones on six-month-olds (no we didn’t have sex, I mean how could we) and one was crooked (never again, those things are dangerous).

But these days. These days I want to have the kind of sex I want to have and one component of that would be to have a nice long, thick penis. One that I could write about and make me wince from making me feel that super delicious pain I enjoy.

So how does one guarantee that the penis she unwraps is the one she’s looking for BEFORE the clothes come off?

You check.

And no I don’t mean you have him whip his penis out (though that works) or have him send you a penis pic (I have a relative who does that), but instead, you audition him before the big show.

So what say you? Are you a size queen? Do you check the goods before hitting the sheets? Or do you have the chocolate mentality, you never know what you’re going to get? Let us know in the comments below. And use the buttons below to share this article and get your friends in on the conversation.

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