25 Nude (and Nearly Nude) Amber Rose Pics

Amber Rose Carnival

Amber Rose Nudes

Amber Rose In All Her Naked Glory

Amber Rose is truly a social media maven. Plenty of women are the exes of famous men, but not many have used that status and parlayed into the career success that Amber Rose has. She also has zero issue all that god (or surgery) has given her.

Never shy for the camera, Amber Rose has posed in little to nothing and out right nothing for the paparazzi and her various social media accounts, Instagram in particular. So continuing with our celebrities in the nude series (here are the fellas) check out these 25 nude and nearly nude pics of Amber Rose.

Amber Rose Topless in Barbados

Amber Rose Topless

Amber Rose vacationing in Barbados in the early days of her time with Wiz Khalifa. While I’m not a big fan of the pink and purple polka dot bikini, Amber Rose wasted no time in ditching it and enjoying the amazing weather and water topless. Gotta admit the girl knows how to have a good time, whether folk are watching her or not.

1. Amber Rose Topless in Barbados 01

2. Amber Rose Topless in Barbados 02

3. Amber Rose Topless in Barbados 03

4. Amber Rose Topless in Barbados 04

5. Amber Rose Topless in Barbados 05

Amber Rose Topless

The Teeney Weeney Barely There Black Thong-kini

Amber Rose Black G-String Bikini

Amber Rose took to her Instagram in the most non-functional swimsuit to ever be created. It truly isn’t set up for swimming. She certainly is showing off her certified MILF status. Baby Bash has a momma that undeniably believes in the philosophy that just because you are a momma doesn’t mean you have to look like a momma. Being sexy doesn’t end because you have a baby. No reason you can’t do both.

6. The Teeney Weeney Barely There Black Thong-kini 01

Amber Rose Black G-String Bikini

7. The Teeney Weeney Barely There Black Thong-kini 02

8. The Teeney Weeney Barely There Black Thong-kini 03

9. The Teeney Weeney Barely There Black Thong-kini 04

10. Amber Rose Topless in the Rain (or Shower)

Amber-Rose-Topless-RainAmber Rose took to Instagram again to show us how sexy she looks topless and in the rain or shower, can’t tell which. I’m wondering how this picture was taken? Did she set up the camera or have someone else do it.

And how does the conversation go with yourself on this one: I think I’ll strip down and sit in the rain (or shower) all zen like in the rain and take a pic? Whatever the conversation, the picture came out very nicely. So I guess Amber Rose knows best when it comes to taking seemingly illogical yet still sexy Instagram pics.

11. A Tree and a Pink Bikini

Amber Rose Pink Bikini

Nice tree and nice pink bikini. Amber Rose yet crafted these very sexy yet highly impractical images for her Instagram. Once again do you think she’s setting the camera up, or she has a dear friend (or assistant) taking all the snaps for her. I’ll say this particular bikini seems to cover more than most she wears.

Amber Rose At Carnival

Amber Rose Carnival

After a particularly nasty twitter battle between herself and Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose spent her time wining it up in Trinidad for carnival. Amber Rose wasn’t shy about her participation, jumping in feet first all costumed up and wining with the best of them. Talk about having a blast, and it was all captured on her Instagram of course. When in Rome do as the Romans do right?

12. Amber Rose at Carnival 01

13. Amber Rose at Carnival 02

14. Amber Rose at Carnival 03

15. A Little Boob in a Robe

Amber Rose RobeWho wants a little boob while bleaching their hair? Amber Rose took to Instagram to showcase her beauty regime, with a little boob on display of course. Best part a part this pic? How her nails match the bleach on her head.

16. Fresh Face and Boobs

amber rose fresh faceAn (almost) makeup free Amber Rose shows off her beauty and her large boobs while tucked snugly in bed. Wish we could all this good waking up (or going to bed).

17. Made Up and Boobs

amber rose made upWhat’s the best counterpart to an (almost) makeup free bed boob shot? Why a fully made up bed boob shot of course. Amber Rose took to Instagram to show off her beauty and boobs once again with this cozy in the bed shot. Best part? Those giant diamond earrings she’s wearing of course.

18. A Little Under-Boob for You

amber rose under boobWhat’s a little under-boob between friends? Amber Rose is giving you full on Betty Boop with the pursed lips, the big boobs and the tiny outfit. Does it get exhausting snapping all of these picture? What ever would she do without Instagram.

Amber Rose Rocks Neon Bikini

amber rose neon bikini

Amber Rose hit up a party in teeny tiny neon green bikini, with a mesh cover up and neon Jimmy Choos. Can’t forget the Jimmy Choos. She donned yet another two-piece, this time using a mesh green cover up to provide some modesty, if you can call it that. Maybe it was just a really awesome accessory.

The 31-year-old hung poolside at a hotel in Miami after revealing members of her family had snubbed an invite to her nuptials with ex Wiz Khalifa due to his race — which seems odd since I do beleive she’s multi-racial herself.

19. Amber Rose Rocks Neon Bikini 01

amber rose neon bikini nip slip

20. Amber Rose Rocks Neon Bikini 02

amber rose neon bikini

21. Amber Rose Rocks Neon Bikini 03

22. Amber Rose Rocks Neon Bikini 04

mber rose neon bikini

Amber Rose in a G-String on a Jet Ski

Amber Rose Blac Chyna
Amber Rose seemed to think a g-string and jet ski were the perfect combination. She hung out with Black Chyna in Miami enjoying the beach and all it had to offer. Looks like fun times were had by all. Gotta admit though, that looks hella uncomfortable. . G-String bikinis and jet skis just don’t go in my honest opinion. However, the pink cover-up she’s rocking with Black Chyna is all the business. I need to get me one of those.

23. Amber Rose in a G-String on a Jet Ski

amber rose pink bikini and jet ski

24. Amber Rose in a G-String on a Jet Ski

amber rose on jet sk

25. Amber Rose and Black Chyna

amber rose with black chyna

Final Thoughts

So what do you think of all of the nearly naked Amber Rose pics? Too much? Just enough? Which of the pics were you favorites (the carnival pics were pretty bad ass)? Or which ones were not so your favorites. I will say (again) Ms. Rose is not shy — and there is no shame in that.

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