Amber Rose Covers Vibe’s Sexy Issue and Licks a Popsicle

Amber Rose VIbe Cover

Amber Rose VIbe Cover

Amber Rose Cover’s Vibe’s Sexy Issue

Amber Rose Vibe Cover

Amber Rose is the alternate cover of Vibe’s Sexy Issue for those who can’t handle Rick Ross and all his sexiness. In the issue she discusses her time with Reggie Bush, Kanye and being iconic:

On Life Post-Kanye
What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ‘cause I’m not with Kanye anymore? Am I supposed to go back to the strip club and not take these opportunities that I have?

On her relationship with Reggie Bush
Me and Reggie [Bush] dated very briefly after Kanye…We were both each other’s rebound and we both knew that and were cool with that.

On being iconic
Kanye would always tell be how beautiful I was and that I was going to be iconic. He always said that, ‘Baby, you are iconic. You don’t understand what you have. I didn’t. I didn’t understand it.

Amber Rose Popsicle

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