Are Justin Timberlake and Rihanna Doing the Nasty?

Well if you believe all the rumors floating around the Nets the past week or so then Timberlake and Rihanna are getting super busy nd poor jessica Biel has been left heartbroken:

Justin Timberlake has been accused of having a wondering eye once again after spending an increased amount of time with music pal Rihanna.

The spotlight has been cast back on his two year romance with Jessica Biel after a string of meetings with the Umbrella star.

An internet gossip claimed to ‘Justin and Rihanna have been seeing each other for the past few weeks.’

‘He is really into her’, the insider alleged.

The source claims Timberlake, 28, and the Umbrella star, 21, have been meeting together in New York.

Well if true, Timberlake is back on his black woman steez.

Hopefully this one ends better then the Janet Jackson alleged affair some years ago.

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