Am I Missing Something or is Pregnant Pussy Really that Good?

Is pregnant pussy really that good?


It must be ’cause Shaquille O’Neal was clearly willing to throw his family away for a piece of pregnant poontang. If you don’t know the story Shaquille O’Neal has been cheating with his wife, Shaunie’s, good friend Laura Govan who also happens to be fellow NBA baller Gilbert Arenas’ fiance and baby momma.

So not only are you cheating on your wife with her friend who is the fiance of a fellow NBA player BUT you’re messing around with a woman who also happens to be good and pregnant from said fiance.

Really Shaq?


Now I’ve been told that pregnant pussy is the best. When I was pregnant many of the men around me would speak of their fond memories of the pregnant poon they had sexed and how absolutely marvelous it was..much to my chagrin mind you ’cause my pregnant lady parts were completely off limit as the thought of sex rather disgusted me during those 9 long months.

Anywho I decided to pose the question to a close friend of mine who had previously been vying for the job of my impregnantor but had lost the job to the guy who had actually knocked me up. I figured he’d know since he was a connoisseur of all types of pussy and had three girls to prove it:

“So, everyone keeps telling that pregnant sex is the best. Is that true?” I asked.

“Defintiely,” he said.

“Okay..I don’t get it. How is pregnant sex any different from any other kind of sex? Wet is wet.”

“Well, it’s just different. Better. Gushier.”


“Yeah. It changes. As a matter of fact if you want to know if your girl is pregnant…taste her.”

“Taste her?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah. It tastes different when she’s pregnant.”

And when he said that I was done. “Cause really how do you follow “It tastes different.”

I was tempted to ask my then boyfriend and child’s father if that was true. But, as I mentioned earlier, sex was completely off the limits at the time and I saw no need to talk about it as I thought it would be rather cruel to remind him of something he wasn’t getting.

So I’m putting this question to the male A Big Butt and a Smile community: Is pregnant pussy really that good? If the answer is yes please explain why.

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