Papa Knowles is a Rolling Stone: Beyonce’s Dad Caught Up in a Paternity Suit

beyoncedadIs anyone surprised that Beyonce’s dad is caught up in a paternity suit? Hell to have folk tell it Kelly Rowland is his biological child and that’s why he adopted her and put her in Destiny’s Child. From Media Takeout:

According to “internet reports” (SMH at us having to do this now) Mathew is being sued by a woman in her late 30s named Alexsandra Wright who is claiming that she’s carried on an affair with the married Mr Knowles. And that she’s currently 6 months pregnant.

And what does Bey’s mama Tina have to say about it? Well she was spotted yesterday (after the lawsuit was filed and the CACA HIT THE FAN) wearing her diamond wedding ring.

From NBC Washington:

Looks like Beyonce’s married dad is still a fan of the single ladies.

Mathew Knowles was slapped with a paternity suit this week, TMZ reported. He’s accused of fathering a young actress’ love child — even though he’s been married for over 20 years to Beyonce’s mother Tina.

Alexsandra Wright, an actress who appeared in a bit part on the TV show “Scrubs,” filed the paternity case against Knowles in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming Knowles is the father of her baby.

Wright, said to be in her late 30s, is six months pregnant, TMZ reported.


You know TMZ stay all over this itype of sh

They gotta pay their snitches well.

As far as Mathew Knowles…well you know Tina ain’t gonna leave his trifling ass…gotta keep up appearances.

I wonder how Beyonce and Solange is dealing with all of this.

I can see Solange’s Twitter account blowing up with the “You know your daddy’s cheating…right?” type of tweets.


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