Quit Your Whining Chris Brown: You Keep Fogetting You Beat the Shit Out of Your Girlfriend

So Chris Breezy has taken to Twitter to whine about the apparent blackballing of his latest cd “Graffiti”:

On a side note: Will celebrities stay their asses off of Twitter, especially when they are in a pissy mood with the folk who write their checks (ie. The Industry). Damn – it’s like they need the same conversations women get before going into the porn industry: These images are forever. You can’t take them back. They can (and likely will) haunt you later. Note to celebs: STFU and work your issues out off line…Twitter ain’t the place.

With that said, I don’t get what Chris Brown doesn’t get about the mollywhopping he lad on Rihanna roughly 11 months ago. Her police photo left an indelible impression on many people’s brains. Even if folk want to like you, you still that dude who beat the shit out of his girlfriend in a fit of rage — and then left the scene leaving her to fend for herself. This doesn’t make folk (industry or otherwise) feel warm and fuzzy about you.

Honestly it was too soon for you to release a cd and go on tour. TOO SOON. I don’t know who your “people” are, but they should have told your ass to sit down, be quiet, do some community service, stay out of the limelight, keep your nose clean and seem like a contrite, humble young man who fully recognizes the gravity of his situation.

Instead you come off like an entitled spoiled brat who expects everyone to forget that he beat his famous girlfriend’s face into a pulp a scant year ago just because he did a bunch of (incoherent) interviews and said a bunch of “I’m Sorries.”  Sorry buddy – but that doesn’t cut it.

So yes, as shady and frustrating as it may be, there are probably going to be stores, stations and other establishments who want no part of the Chris Brown Rehabilitation Project. They’re probably thinking of their sisters, daughters, nieces and thinking if a punk ass kid put their hands on their loved ones they’d put their foot in his ass – NOT help sell his comeback record.

So Chris I’m going to end this by saying: Sit down. Shut up. Stay off of Twitter. And be grateful that you still have a career left to rehab. Instead of being pissy about the people who won’t play or sell your record – be grateful for the ones who will. This is a time in your life where you need to focus on the positive and be eternally grateful and humble that there are still so many people who are willing to take this journey with you.

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