Court Rules Fantasia’s Lover Was Separated From Wife During Relationship

Well, Paula Cook is going to have a harder time suing Fantasia now that the courts have ruled in favor of her estranged husband:

There’s been a major win for singer Fantasia, with a North Carolina court finding the married man who impregnated her was actually separated from his wife at the time of their love affair. has learned a judge ruled in favor of Antwaun Cook in his divorce proceeding against ex-wife Paula.

The court found the pair’s separation date was September 14, 2009 — not June, 2010, as Paula had claimed.

And I’ve been saying since the beginning of this debacle that Cook’s wife was just looking for a pay day. There is no way in hell she didn’t know her husband was out and about with Fantasia. Hell I knew, it was all over the blogs, all over the internet. There is no way that man was still living with her and out and about with Fantasia like that.

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