So Chris Pleads Guilty and It’s Still Rihanna’s Fault?

Folk kill me.

It seems for some, no matter what happens, it’s always the woman’s fault.

As all the major entertainment blogs posted on the Chris Brown Rihanna debacle yesterday their comments sections were filled with variations of the following sentiment:

“She didn’t get anything? That’s not fair. I still believe she had something to do with it. You know she started it so it’s not right the he’s the onlyone who got punished. Chris wouldn’t have gone of like that if he hadn’t been trying to defend himself.”

Throw in a few, “you know island women are crazy,” and you would have a high percentage of the comments from men and women that still wholeheartedly defended Chris despite the fact he plead guilty to felony assault.


Newsflash: Chris had a high price famous lawyer in Mark Geragos who was probably costing him more than that lambo he was leasing the night of the incident.  No lawyer like that would have his client plead to a felony-assault charge if he didn’t beleive his client didn’t stand a chance in hell at a jury trial..i.e..he was guilty as sin.

A felony?

This means he can’t vote. Can’t carry a weapon. Can’t travel to certain countries (could hurt a touring schedule) and not only did he get the felony, but also a 180 days of hard labor and 5 years probation with a level 1 restraining order against his ass.

I’m sorry, but you folks who are paddling up that river in Africa, he did it.


Stop trying to make this out to be Rihanna’s doing. He had any number of options open to him that night and instead of taking the path of least resistance he decided to beat the shit our of his girlfriend and threaten to kill her.

No one pleads guilty to a felony-assault charge unless they HAVE to.

Stop woman blaming and open your eyes to the fact that Chris Brown is a woman beating punk who’s fame and (possible) fortune couldn’t get his ass out the trouble he got himself in.

  1. TOO REAL 14 years ago

    I hope you repeat this when your son is abused by a woman.

    Of all domestic violence cases roughly 15% are women battering men. Unless you can show me some proof that Rihanna battered Chris then you’re just talking out of your ass

  2. VerbFashion 14 years ago

    *new reader* (love your blog btw)

    I am really glad you did this post. I too am pretty sick and tired of the ridiculous comments of outsiders blaming what they think might have happened and who’s fault it was on this situation. Blaming the woman for looking like her face has been ran over by a truck still puzzles me.

    Who cares who ‘started it’? We clearly know that Rihanna didn’t START with her face chopped & screwed and we’re just glad that he didn’t END her life.

    He. Pled. Guilty.
    Let’s agree with him…after all he was there and was involved therefore I’m sure he knows what happened and who ENDED it. Now, we do too.

    Thanx Mam

  3. X, Y, and Z 14 years ago

    Just some facts, since you seem to not want, or are capable of, unemotional critical thinking/reasoning! I hope that you still have the receipt for that college degree, you base so much of your worth on;


    1.) The info on the search warrant, for the cell phones, as far as the events of Feb 8th between Rhianna and Chris Brown, runs CONTRARY to what Rhianna told the detectives of the LAPD! If you’re not familiar with it, I’d invite you to read that affidavit. You can go over to the smoking gun site and have a look at it!

    2.) Rhianna admitted to hitting Chris Brown WITH his cell phone. She also admitted to punching and slapping him! She admittedly was VERY AGGRESSIVE towards him!! She initiated any said physical contact AFTER she read that booty call text message!!

    3.) As far as ‘history of battery’ Rhianna admitted to hitting him in Europe, and in Barbados! His response to HER abuse was to PUSH HER OFF HIM and up against the wall!!

    4.) Rhianna admitted to hitting her brother upside the head WITH a bottle!! This she said in an interview and is PUBLIC RECORD!!!

    5.) The Judge said, and I’ll invite you to go and look at the video of CB in court on June 22nd, if you’d like, that Chris Brown had NO record of ANY SORT!!! The sentence, if he’d have taken the case to trial and lost, would have BEEN THE SAME: PROBATION!!!!

    So why then, you’ll ask, did Chris take the plea? Look at the ramifications/consequences if he’d TAKEN it to trial:

    1.) Rhianna would have testified, TMZ (Rhianna’s “best friend” and NO friend to CB) reported that her CoverGirl commercials stopped running and was only aired AFTER he copped to the plea!! If she’s have testified, she’d have lost ALL of her endorsements, her violent history would have come out. Why do you think CoverGirl suspended her commercials? They’d not have wanted to associate with a person with such a violent past, that’s why!

    2.)His involvement with Tina Davis and the subsequent “booty call text messages” would have surely been made public, all in their ‘lurid, lewd, and lascivious glory!’ But really, would he have cared?

    3.) Again, I’ll state, he being a first time offender with NO CRIMINAL past whatsoever would ONLY risk PROBATION. Do you really think a judge or jury would have given him time after they’d heard Rhianna say that it was SHE who initialed the attack and that it almost made them crash? Oh, by the way, yes, in THAT cell warrant, it DID SAY the car was moving in an erratic manner!! Oh, and he DID have injuries, or at least, scars: that said warrant noted that she DID try to gouge out his eyes!!!!

    The answer to this riddle, if not comic tragedy/mystery, is that Chris copped to the charges as TO NOT ruin Rhianna!! Rhianna knew that IF she’d have testified, she’d have LOST her endorsements; again, who’d want to have someone with her violent past/tendencies affiliated with their products/services! To put on a ‘finer point, Chris not taking it to trial, much to my sadness, can be summed up in one word: LOVE!!

    When Chris heard bout Rhianna and Drake, he was upset, very upset! Rhianna used Drake to ‘get to Chris’!! Haven’t you noticed that there is ‘no more Drake’ in close proximity to Rhianna? Well, this was part of the ‘deal’, if you will!!

    I know this all might seem quite ‘far fetched’, but I URGE you to give all reasonable consideration before you continue the unwarranted, undeserved and cruel misrepresentation of Chris Browns’ character!

    • Author
      admin 14 years ago


      Do you honestly think he woudl have plea guilty to a felony had their been any chance he could have used self-defense?


      Spare me.

      • S.Mat 13 years ago

        The answer to why a black man became President before a women who had the recognition, fame, and mood of the country in her favor and still lost. Women hate each other on some small level and judge one another way more harshly then they do a man. Speak 3 languages, graduate Summa Cum Laude, been married to a formerly popular President and what do they discuss: “Why does she always wear those ugly pants suits or wear her hair like that, ugh!” Thank GOD I’m a man!

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