In Dumb Rapper News: T.I. and Tiny Profess Their (Dysfunctional) Love for Each Other

So the modern day Bonnie and Clyde recently told the world just how much they love each other and how dysfunctional they really are.

First up T.I:

Can’t say enough about how special of a woman I have. It takes a lot to endure the worst of times and still stay grounded during the best of times. She’s been able to do so for long as I can remember. For all that and more, I just adore her in every way. I love her spirit, her heart, her integrity and her loyalty. She’s the love of my life and the girl of my dreams. I’ve heard so much about it being hard for true love to exist in the fast lanes of Hollywood, when dudes can’t stay respectfully committed and chicks can’t stay out their man’s pockets. But somehow she makes it easy, and we never had those problems.

Some women can’t keep up with their men and other can’t seem to slow theirs down. She’s shown that she can do both in grand fashion. A man like me couldn’t ask for a better match. When the world has turned on me and there is darkness all around, she finds a way to bring light in my life and provide positive energy in the face of some of the most extreme circumstances. As long as we have us, fuck da world….nothing else really matters. I’d lay my life down for her and wouldn’t blink about it. In my eyes, she’s the most beautiful woman inside and out. I wouldn’t trade her for all the sun on the beach. As much as I’ve done wrong in life, I’m convinced that I must’ve done something right to deserve a woman as great as her. And I’ll forever do all I can to continue to show my undying love and appreciation.

Then Tiny on taking a charge for her man:

“I feel like, if you don’t know the details on it, you can’t say I could take the fall. If I could have, I would have said, ‘Well, yeah, that’s me.’ But it wasn’t able to be done.

Jesus. Where do I even begin. These two deserve each other on one hand, on the other I feel for their children because they have to crazy in love dysfunctional ass parents who can’t seem to put their needs ahead of their own destructive wants. Let’s be real T.I. ain’t nan-bit been “respectfully committed” to Tiny EVER. It took his ass to go to prison before he’d even get around to marrying this text book ride or die chick. And her dumb ass has stayed with him through several high profile mistresses and his constant stintsin and out of prison. But this is “true” love. Yeah. I can’t. I just can’t with these two.

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