Rick Ross Covers Vibe’s Sexy Issue

Rick Ross Vibe Cover

Rick Ross Vibe Cover

Rick Ross Brings His Sexy to Vibe Magazine

Rick Ross Vibe Cover

Yeah, you read that right. Rick Ross is on the cover of Vibe’s sexy issue. And how did they choose him as their cover guy, you may be asking:

YOU DON’T REALIZE how colossal Rick Ross is until he removes his white Tee. It’s startling. Six feet of portly tattooed excess, his drooping pecs flexing as he hulks through the Danish contemporary SoHo furniture store BoConcept. Rozay is shooting his first solo VIBE cover—the sexy issue, no less—and a memo from Captain Conspicuous reads that Ross is not the conventional poster child for the cause. He doesn’t sing bra-popping hooks like Trey Songz or lyrically pander and pucker to women like Drake. But the Miami native wears a quiet confidence that shouts at anyone within earshot, seemingly lessons from the Christopher Wallace school of swag

Well there you have it. According to Vibe he has an abundance of swag that makes him uber sexy. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda find Rick Ross sexy too. It’s my shameful little secret.

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