Rihanna Goes on $1500 Sex Toy Shopping Spree

rihanna sex toy shopping

Rihanna Sex Toy Shopping Spress

Rihanna Goes Sex Toy Shopping

Rihanna loves her sex toys. Last week week while in Paris the “S&M star” went on a little sex toy shopping spree for all things naughty:

In just five minutes Rihanna picked out toys, handcuffs, scented candles and lingerie, reports The Sun. And later she was spotted holding one of her purchases; a book by Ellen Von Unwerth that’s full of graphic photos.

“She knew exactly what she was after and didn’t want any assistance picking out items,” a source told the paper. “There was no dithering. She was grinning from ear to ear and seemed to be in a hurry to get back to her hotel.”

We can’t blame Rihanna for being in a hurry, especially since she’s rumored to be dating her “We Found Love” costar Dudley O’Shaugnessy. Rihanna and the British model/boxer put on quite a show in the video, drinking, doing drugs, having sex and vomiting ribbons. The “S&M” singer told The Sun that when she met her costar she was instantly attracted to him.

Well you know we’re a fan of sex toys ’round these parts. While $1500 seems a little excessive, when you’ve got money (and time) to burn like Rihanna, it really is just a drop in the bucket.


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