10 Celebrity Big Dick Pics You Gotta See to Believe

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Celebrity Big Dick Pics
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Big Dick Pics: The Celebrity Edition

Big celebrity dicks. I swear that would be a good name for a tv show about private detectives for the stars; for this article, however, we are talking celebrities with big dicks.

If you’re new, here you may be unaware of our fondness for the male member, but for a primer, you can start here, here and here.

With that out of the way, let’s marvel over the celebrities with the biggest dicks in Hollywood.

01. Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks

The Hot Felon turned Baby Daddy of rich socialite has a big dick for the ages. And judging by his rise from hot felon to the baby daddy of a rich socialite he knows how to use it. I mean seriously, yes he’s pretty, but it’s not like he has anything else to bring to the table.

I’m assuming his Dick’em Down skills are what kept him in the good graces of his rich socialite long enough to impregnate her and really solidify his spot as the best gold digger since Anna Nicole Smith.

With that said, Meeks penis is long, thick and pretty; the trifecta of things you want a dick to be, so he’s more than earned his place on this list of celebrity big dick pics.

02. Big Sean

Big Sean

I mean, none of us should be surprised that Big Sean has a Big Dick. It’s right there in his name. Hell, even lovable garden gnome, Ed Sheeran commented on how big Big Sean’s schlong was that one time he managed to get a good look at it.

While his dick has made our celebrity big dick list not once but twice in the past, it was not enough to keep Ariana Grande — it was, however, enough to get Jhene Aiko to leave her husband and start riding the Big Sean train.

There was that nasty rumor that Big Sean was cheating on her — but she came back and said no, it wasn’t so.

03. Safaree

safaree samuels

Twitter was all atwitter when clips of a Safaree sex tape hit the net, and everyone learned what “Anaconda” Nikki had been singing about all these years.

Granted, a quick Google Search should have alerted everyone to Safaree’s large peen — but if you were never checking for dude like that, that sex tape leak was one HUGE surprise.

Hello there Mr. Safaree, nice to see you…for the first time.

04. Stevie J

Stevie J

Stevie J or Steebie as former flame Joseline Hernandez liked to call him, definitely has all the beefcake — something else Joseline used to say as well. Second, to Mr. Meeks, Stevie J has got to be our favorite celebrity dick pic.

Stevie J isn’t the best guy in the world, but he does look like he will work you over and by the looks of his leaked nudes, he has the tools to work you well.

Also, considering how everyone seems to fall magically in love with him, I’m going to chalk that strange phenomenon up to being dickmitized.

Good dick can make you stupid, and that’s the only reason I can see someone falling for this smooth talking, big dicked, charlatan.

05. Kanye West

Kanye West

Yeezy told us he had a Big Ego and he wasn’t lying. The “Power” rapper put it all in a song about how a lady friend released the dick pic he sent her, but it was all good ’cause his ish was big anyway.

Similar to Big Sean, we’ve discussed West’s dick before here and here, and it’s always been one of the bigger celebrity big dicks we’ve written about; so take your place on this Big Dick Pics: Celebrity Edition, article — you’re earned it.

06. Ginuwine


And what a pony Ginuwine has.

Look one shouldn’t be surprised that the “Pony” singer is packing. He’s the 90’s version of Big Seanchocolate and skinny – so there was a good chance that what he had going on in those jeans was going to be a sight to behold.

Somehow Elgin Baylor Lumpkin’s dick pics were leaked on Tumblr and sent the internet into a panty (boxer) soaked frenzy. I don’t why or who leaked the pics, but I will tell them to thank you. The Internet Gods stay working overtime.

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07. Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee

What is there to say?

Tommy Lee’s penis is legendary. From the Original Celebrity Sex Tape, and by original I mean one that blew up the market and went totally mainstream, Tommy Lee let the world know he carries a big stick, and it wasn’t a drumstick.

I’ve got nothing bad to say here. The video was made on his honeymoon with Pamela Anderson and later was stolen from their home. These were the days before social media was EVERYTHING and the tape still blew the hell up, it’s just that good.

08. Dappy


Dappy is not a name familiar to too many people on this side of the pond. He was a member of the UK rap group N-Dubz and currently is a solo artist. He was ranked highly on our original penis pic post as well.

His penis pic was quite surprising for its size and just how messy his surroundings are where it was taken. I mean, he couldn’t tidy up a bit before he snapped the pic? I’m just saying.

09. Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy was also on our original penis pic post. He makes it this high on the list because that sucker looked good and big.

Now granted, I concede that it could just be the angle of the shot that has it looking so juicy, but looking at other skinny fellas (I see you Big Sean) then I have to think that his penis his appearing true to size.

Soulja Boy was also a complete dick to his girlfriend Nia Riley when he was on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I would often wonder why she was putting up with him, and then I’d have to remind myself of his leaked dick pic and realize that that was the answer to everything.

Dickmitization is real folks.

10. Omarion


The newly minted reality star and longtime crooner had his penis pics leaked during his stint on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. The time seemed perfect considering all the penis conversations Omarion and girlfriend Apryl had during the show.

There was talk of its size, it’s lack of circumcision, and the pain it was causing Apryl during sex. Way, WAY too much peen talk, but with the release of this pic we at least got to see what all the fuss was about. And we must say, the fuss was justified.

Final Thoughts

We like talking celebrity dick pics around these parts. Once again here is our original post on celebrity peen and our very popular follow-up.

With that said, these are the biggest of the big of celebrity big dicks we’ve blogged about over the years. What do you think?

Do these guys impress or are they overrated? Sound off in comments below and let us know what you think.


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