Mary Punches Husband Then Asks “What are you going to do, Chris Brown Me?”

Well Damn. I guess Mary J. Blige forgot about having “No More Drama” and made sure that Kendu would be “Stronger With Each Tear,” cause dude managed not to haul off and bust her in the mouth when she (allegedly) punched the shit out of him (drawing blood) ’cause she thought he was flirting with someone else. From the

Hip-Hop diva Mary J. Blige smacked her husband for checking out a waitress at her CD release party this week and warned him, “You ain’t going Chris Brown on me,” witnesses said.

The “No More Drama” songstress lashed out at hubby Kendu Isaacs at the Tuesday night party at the M2 Ultralounge in Chelsea, witnesses said.

One partygoer told the Daily News that the 38-year-old Grammy winner flew into a jealous rage because Isaacs was paying too much attention to a waitress at the club.

More details from Shadow and Act:

Well, no. Although, they did reportedly get in each others grilles shortly thereafter. Four of her bodyguards and two of the club’s kept them apart. Isaacs was kicked out. Blige went to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup, but soon left, creating an uncomfortable scene for partygoers Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Busta Rhymes.

“Mary hauled off and smacked him,” the source said.

Blige then warned Isaacs not to even think about retaliating. “She said, ‘You ain’t going to go Chris Brown on me, are you?'” according to a source.

SMH. No more drama indeed.

  1. S.Anonymous 10 years ago

    He should have knocked the shit out of her. Merry Christmas!

    • Author

      No. He should have not done that. He should have left and he should divorce her. And if he wanted to prosecute of DV I wouldn’t bat an eye.

  2. S.Anonymous 10 years ago

    I wouldn’t have divorced her over what I’ve seen in the footage of their argument. My theory as always goes that a relationship will never work when a women doesn’t respect her man on every level (physically as well). He did something to piss her off obviously, but her Chris Brown comment shows a lack of respect for what he could do. That might be a issue for him as well granted, but from the women to man dynamic its black relationship poison. If she knew her proper place, she would have made a biting comment or two in her husband’s ear and left it alone until they left. In private she could have given him a earful, ask him to leave, and go from there. Her approach falls into the category of women’s rights forfeiture. Women’s Rights Forfeiture is when you swing first at a grown man and therefore lose your right to go untouched by a man no matter what you do, because you are the smaller sex. It changes things from domestic violence to a fight, in which case there are no sacred cows, limits to your ass whipping, or rights to outrage by women’s groups.

  3. Butch Kenneth 8 years ago

    First thing I tell all ladies friends of mind. If you have to put your hands on me; know that I am saying goodbye. I’m also going to call the police and have you locked up. Because if I hit you I am going to knock you out.

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