The Stench of Desperation: Kandi Burruss to Marry Man With Six Kids

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Kandi Burruss, former memeber of Xscape, award winning ASCAP songwriter and single mom is marrying a man with six kids:

Yes it’s true. My fiancé does have 6 children. And that in itself is a big problem with my mother. I didn’t know going into the relationship exactly how many kids he had.  Or his situation with them.  So there was some deceit. She’s not happy at all.  They fought hard before taping the show and during the show.  Then after the show stopped taping she went in even harder. It’s a constant battle.

So you’re marrying a man who originally lied to you about his kid situation and your mother hates him? Oh, but it gets better:

That I don’t know. Since we’ve been in a relationship, his kids come over A LOT. His twin daughters even live with us now.  But before we were together, I can’t say how he was as a dad since I don’t know. But as for now, he’s great with his kids.

So not only did he lie to you about his kids and your mother hates him, BUT you don’t even know if he was taking care of his kids before he met you?


And now his twin daughters have moved in with you? Where were they living before? Better yet where was he living before?

I get not wanting to be alone. I get wanting to be married. I even get dating a man with kids. But what I don’t get is how you date a man with six kids, from at least THREE different women whom your mother HATES and whose career is questionable at best (he does something in the music industry apparently).

This is a disaster waiting to happen. Her hard earned money is at stake because her income may be factored in to determine his child support. Her young daughter is not happy about the situation and no matter how cool the Baby Mommas may seem now (Kandi says they’ve been nothing but respectful) there is definite drama awaiting her down the road.

What Kandi needs to realize, as do many other black women (and women in general) that having a piece of man is not better than having no man at all. We have to stop buying into all the hye surrounding black owmen and marraige. Hell we’ve all heard it a million times before:

– 44% of black women have never been married

– 70% singles rate among black women

– More black men are in jail then college

– 70% of black kids are born out of wedlock

And on and on it goes.

And for some women this causes them to think they have to take any man, any man who is available regardless of how unemployed he is, how many kids he has, how many times he’s been locked up  or whatever other pathology he may express.

Enough is enough already. You have to have more pride in yourself, love yourself more than to settle for a lying man with six kids who he probably wasn’t taking care of until he met you and moved into your house.

There’s a way to get married and start a family.

This ain’t it.

I hope Kandi Burruss gets it together and comes to her senses.

Goodness knows it’s much easier to call things off now then after you get married, merge families and give him child number seven.

  1. HighlyFavored 11 years ago

    I definitely agree – I actually like Kandi and I think she has too much going on to settle for someone like this. What makes her so different then the 4 baby mommas he has – if I was her, I would run, run, run, and trust God to bring her that special someone that will be on her level or above.

  2. Good Advice 11 years ago

    I have never written on any blog…I just had to comment on Kandi’s situation…Remember, you are 32 yrs old and have so much time to find that Special Someone…The decision you make in men say a lot about the type of person you are. When I watch the show…it seems as if you have everything in order as some people would say “you have it going on”, but I see so different…I see you as a insecure person…and this is coming for someone who doesn’t have very much.. I am a average person that make around 70,000 a year with 1 son…I am 40 years old and recently married for the 1st time. My son is under 10yrs…I have always set high standards for the type of man I wanted to married and raise my child. I mean very high…and He was only able to have 1 child, and bring so much to the table…and I not just talking about money or sex…Believe it or not…We (WOMEN) control the intimacy (on how GOOD and BAD) it could be…and until WE (WOMEN) realize it…there will be women like youself that get caught up in thinking he controls it…I can see thats the base of your relationship with him…You need a man that shows Stability, responsibility, respect, God-Fearing, and a man that knows how important it is to be a father and not just a donor…AJ may be a good man now, and good father now…but it takes so much more to be a good husband….What he was before he met you is who he REALLY IS…and until you know for sure…you will never know what you have…Just that about this…If he was ALL of that GOODNESS before he met you…He wouldn’t have 6 kids for 4 baby mothers…He would have had my respect for himself and others…by protecting himself from having so many kids without stability….Please listen to your mother…she knows what she talking about…If you do not, just get to know him a little more…date for years to see if this is really what you want…Do not take on ALL of this responsiblity…Although, the 6 kids doesn’t live with you…They will became a big part of your life…especially with the monies you have…I don’t care how cool the mothers are they will ask for my support once you all get married and YES the courts will consider your income…I am ending my message now…but I hope this comment finds you…because you need to hear the TRUTH…and YOU mother is the only one who’s giving it to YOU…HOPE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION…at the least just have a long engagement….(you will get wiser in time)

  3. robert washington 11 years ago

    kandi had a good man in her life last year that she left to go be with this dude,she said he didnt dress like the thug type… he was a man that cooked for her,cleaned and took good care of her and her daughter. He also showed her how a lady is to be treated, he gave her lots of love. She was cheating on him also. So the ???????? is kandi do you know what you really want ? ????? how do you go from one man to another ? and then two weeks later your in love and he moves in with you and now your taken care of his twins,is it true you are not in a relationship anymore? So the question is do you wish that you would of stayed with that good man that took good care of you. I’m a good friend of this guy and he has been very low key and he takes up for you no matter what people say about you i told him he should speak up. Why is it that when we ladies get a good man we don’t know how to appreciate them. It’s very funny how he is now very good friends with AJ’s ex-girlfriend that he dropped for you and he’s trying to go back to her.

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