M.O.T.A.N. – Money Over Trifling Ass Niggas: The T-Pain’s Baby Momma Edition

t-pain big ass chain

Apparently T-Pain has an out of wedlock child with a woman named Elisa Hood:. She is apparently suing for child support after T-pain only offered her $500 a month in support:

Auto-tune aficionado T-Pain is being sued for unpaid child support for one of his four children. Rumor has it the Tallahassee-native fathered a two-year-old child out of wedlock with a woman named Elisa Hood. He met with his lawyer last week to hash out payment details.

Per the unreleased court documents, T-Pain offered Hood $500 per month in support. She apparently denied the offer from the rapper, who banked a reported $15 million last year. Although T-Pain has yet to substantiate any litigation claims, the two are said to be heading to court at a later date.

You damn right she should take his country black ass to court.



This mutha-fucka made $15 million dollars last year and spent $410,000 dollars on a Big Ass Chain and is always bragging about how he “takes care of his kids.” Well guess what T-Pain…you cheating ass, lying, no child support paying, non-singing son of a bitch..this kid is your child as well. $500 and you’re a multi-millionaire ain’t it. He should be slapped for even wasting his lawyer’s time drafting such an insulting proposal.

Money Over Trifling Ass Niggas – particularly where child support is concerned.

So T-pain you’re officially a trifling as nigga.


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