M.O.T.A.N. – Money Over Tired Ass Negros: The Tameka Foster Raymond Edition


Seems like Kelis should take some lesons from Usher’s soon to be ex-wife Tameka Raymond:

….the 30-year-old “Confessions” hitmaker wants a full inventory of the documents his older estranged wife kept during their marriage, which includes tax files, paycheck stubs, bank account information, real estate rental contracts, medical records, and more. He also wants copies of the gifts, letters, and other mementos he gave her that might serve as evidence on his conduct during their union, as well as her diary or personal notes and photos or recordings that resulted from either “surveillance or investigation’ of Foster, eonline.com reports


You notice how Tameka hasn’t been saying theat Usher hasn’t been taking care of her and the babies right?

That’s because she’s probably got enough dirt on him to thoroughly embarrass his ass should he get the inkling to play hardball with her ala Nas with Kelis.

Somehow of the two – Kelis and Tameka – I’m not in the least bit concerned that Tameka will get hers.

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  1. MoreAndAgain 10 years ago

    Wow! God bless the child that’s got her own and documents everything else.lol.

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