So Usher is Geting Divorced, but Tameka Already Has Two Meal Tickets


Cue Let it Burn:

“The Grammy winner has been living apart from his wife for nearly a year after almost two years of marriage,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch, adding, “Usher’s primary concern is for his children. He is a great father and just wants to do what is right for them.” The soon-to-be exes have two kids together, Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd, 6 months. And the insider says that it’s more than just talk — the divorce papers were filed in Atlanta this morning.

Say what you want about Tameka Raymond, but she has the gold digging game on lock.

She managed to snag a young, successful, popular R&B artist,  got him to leave his momma and fire the rest of his management team had him make an entire album about her and to make sure she still had access to his vast fortune even after they divorced, immediately popped out two of his kids. And she did it all in under than 3 years.

She’s a bad bitch.

Now things didn’t work out so well for Usher.

He immediately alienated the majority of his fanbase, had a flop of an album, got fat and had to beg his mommy for forgiveness after unceremoniously firing her ass to be a “grandma.”


Tameka seriously put some serious voodoo on him.  Talk about bad joojoo. Smh.

Anyway, once usher reconciled with his mother it was only a matter of time before him and Tameka divorced. Those too can not occupy the same universe without some serious sparks flying. So I’m going to place this into the “no shit sherlock” I said, it was only a matter of time.

I hope that pre-nup was airtight, but knowing Tameka she will be walking with a hefty sum of his wealth, whether Usher (or his momma) likes it or not.

  1. Vivacious 11 years ago

    Tameka may be a bad bitch but she isn’t a good bitch! A good bitch has things on lock down without alienated too many people. Karma a bitch and one day Tameka going to meet a man she really wanted who will clean her @ss out!

  2. sherri 11 years ago

    you know what? i don’t feel bad at all for these cheatin azz men at all make em pay when you have wives who are faithful and loyal and are down with you from day one, and you betray them for the groupies and the jump offs, you deserve everything you get Tameka said she wasn’t even sweating Usher, he pursued her Men if you can’t be faithful to your wives, then don’t get married if you want children, do like Micheal did, pay someone to have your children after all didn’t Usher cheat on Chili? how soon we forget

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