M.O.T.A.N. – Money Over Tired Ass Negros: The Tiny Edition


Money Over Tired Ass Negros: The T.I. and Tiny Edition

So on Tiny and Toya’s first episode (which wasn’t as ghettofied as you’d think) we learn that T.I.P doesn’t want his woman to work. On the surface this seems charming.

You have a man who clearly doesn’t have a problem stepping up to his responsibilities and taking care of his family. But when you really learn the details of the situation, you see that this isn’t about love or being “The Man” in the relationship, but about being in control.

Tiny clearly misses her singing days and she’d love nothing better than to get up on stage again and be the performer she was oh so many  years ago when she was singing with Xscape. However T.I.P ain’t having none of that. Apparently he has made it abundantly clear that it’s either him or her career.

Obviously Tiny has chosen him, but that doesn’t seem to be working so well for her anymore. T.I.P obviously doesn’t want her standing on her own two feet, independent of him. If she had her own career – oh I don’t know – maybe she wouldn’t need him as much and wouldn’t be so inclined to stick around for his bullshit.

T.I. and Tiny are a case study in why we shouldn’t worsphip celebrity couples. If I remember correctly he’s broken up with her on any number of occasions. They’ve always managed to get back together and always seemed like she was holding on for dear life, but now I see why. Her livelihood is at stake if they should part.

Sure she’d get child support, but that means much considering how he has treated his other baby mama. It also explains why he seems so gun-shy when it comes to marriage. Marriage gives her leverage in the relationship and he won’t be able to control the situation as easily as he’d like.

I’d say this was a form of economic abuse.

But what do I know.

Tiny better take a lesson from Kelis. And she has a ring.

Like I say – Money Over Tired Ass Negros. God bless the woman who has her own.

  1. Live.Love.Laugh. 11 years ago

    Ok…Now as far as not being ghettofied, I must disagree…It was all ghetto.. But thats my opinion.. As for Tiny I can emphasize with how she feels, I mean at the end of he day she needs to make sure she can handle hers if he ever decided to do wrong by her, ( take the incident with the chick in SATC The Movie, Chick was with dude for 10+ yrs and then poof she isn’t his chick anymore.). Ladies we must have to take control, there isn’t anything wrong with letting a man take care of you, but have some “Mad Money”, (kelly pitts from the Game tv show, lol) just incase he gets mad,lol.. Seriosly tho…

    • Author
      admin 11 years ago

      By “Ghettofied” I mean no cooning for the camera (I Love New York) or titties and as out for no reason (Mayammee) they were regualr folk with real problems.

      Yes they are a bit “hood” but everyone isn’t polished with a Yale degree. They had real issues – a dad with ahlzeimers and a mom on drugs – they were taking care of their families and had man issues (who doesn’t.)

      They were “normal” even though they were rough around the edges.

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