The Mistress Speaks: When the Man Catches Feelings

stories of mistresses

Stories of Mistresses: When the Man Catches Feelings

Here is the seventh installment of  our The Mistress Speaks series. The following is a story that was sent to me, unchanged, except for removing any identifying information. Enjoy!

I’ve been the other woman, and when it all balls down, you lose who you truly are. Being the other woman only shows you how much you truly love yourself. I was tired of cheating men and giving my all and getting nothing in return. I just wanted to do me for once and play on my terms.

I went it knowing he had a girl on the side. She wasn’t his wife, so I basically didn’t care. We started out talking as friends, sharing advice, but there was always an attraction between us. It took us 11 months before we became sexual. What I wanted was discussed up front, and what he could give me or provide was discussed. We both were in agreement with the situation.

I basically had the same benefits his main girl. I had the dinner dates, out of town trips, getting bills paid, hanging out with his friend and mines, spending time at my place or his place. Holidays were okay too, I got gifts, sometimes the same thing he brought her. I guess it was easy thinking for him. I was fine with this situation for over year and half because it provided me a stress-free relationship. It was an easy-go-lucky relationship, no stress, no pressure and no foolishness.

This type of relationship isn’t for the weak or other motives; thinking he is going to leave his girl for you, usually it rarely happens. If he leaves his girl for you, eventually he will leave you for someone else. So be prepared.

The problem comes when one talks too much or become too emotionally involved. In my case, the dude became too emotionally involved. Calling too much, wanting to know my every move, wanting more and saying I love you. I cared for dude, but honestly, he wasn’t what I wanted. Not someone to settle down with, why because Karma is bitch! I kept my end of the bargain up, I did what I set out to do, deal with a dude on my terms and treat them like they treated us for change. I kept my feelings intact and I made sure I didn’t read into every word he said, dude will say anything while he is in you and the sex is good. When dude started acting like the girl, fussing, questioning and dropping by unannounced, I knew things had gone too far.

Even though I liked dude, cared for him, I had no strong feelings for him, wanting more. More and more I thought about it, I realize, because of my past experience I became the other woman to prove a point to myself. I became someone I didn’t like or ever wanted to be.

So actually no one wins in the end.


  1. Dope fiend 13 years ago

    i know what you mean, I’ve been that woman too, and even now to this day (me and dude are still friends), i feel like he’s holding some grudge against me because I told him to move on when he said those three little words.

  2. MSJNT 13 years ago

    Good series, love all the stories. At least people are honest about it. It is sad that this is going on but what can you do when there is a shortage of men. Men lie all the time. Mine did and now I am divorce. I had an ex-bf whom is married and now he regrets marrying his babies-mama. The world is not black or white; it’s Gray.

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