Yung Berg Dick Pic

Yung Berg Penis Pic

Young Berg’s Unimpressive Penis

Young Berg is a Grade A Dick. There is no question about that. So it’s with a bit of glee that I view Young Berg’s wholly unimpressive penis.

For someone who has so much to say about everything, particularly women, and who seems to believe he is God’s gift to the opposite sex, it’s nice to see that he isn’t working with much to please the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, this won’t stop women from sleeping with him because he has a little bit of fame and a little bit of change, but hey if the little penis won’t discourage folk, maybe this will. No one likes a punk.

So How’s The Pic?

As celebrity dick pics go this is a pretty awful one. No imagination. No creativity. It just looks like something he hastily took ’cause maybe someone requested it or he thought to send it unsolicited. He seems like the type to send an unsolicited pic, jerk that he is.


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