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Amazon 180

Amazon 180 Erotic Instructions

A 180 twist on the base Amazon sex position, the Amazon 180 or Reverse Amazon has the woman facing away from her man.

Like the Amazon, the Reverse Amazon is a sex position a woman on top position with the male’s legs on either side of the female’s thighs, except this time you’re facing away instead of toward your man.

The most noticeable difference between the Amazon 180 and the regular Amazon is the improved leg room for women, as you can now bring your knees much closer together.

Also, men may like this variation better as well since it means having a lot less weight pressing down on their legs.

However, the one downside is in the Amazon 180 it is much easier to hurt a man by leaning or sliding too far forward, so keep the lines of communication open while in this position and listen to your man when he says you’ve gone too far or is feeling any sort of pressure.

Why You’ll Love It

Once again this is a position about control. If you like being in control than the Amazon 180 is for you.

Because you’re facing away from your partner, you lose some of the intimacy, but if you have any inhibitions, the Amazon 180 allows you to let that go and let loose since you don’t face to face with your partner.

Also, your partner’s hands are free to explore your body and add an extra layer of sensation while you ride away.

Tips & Tricks

Remember you must hold all of her weight on your legs and knees in this position. Many women feel pressure on the knees and thighs in just a few minutes, so take breaks as needed.

Try resting a bit of your weight on the hamstrings of your partner. You can also shift forward and place the hands on the bed or floor as needed to take pressure off the legs and knees and use the opportunity to caress his balls and other areas while you relax.

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