Basset Hound Sex Position Guide

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Basset Hound Sex Position

Basset Hound Erotic Instructions

The Basset Hound variation of Doggy Style and is called such because of the closeness of both partners to the floor. The sex position is straightforward; you get on all fours with your guy holding on to your bottom or sides.

Because of the low position, your rear is pushed right back, while your guy’s knees are placed on either side of your buttocks. The lowness of the sex position requires a degree of flexibility in both partner’s hips and may not be comfortable for many, but for those who are flexible enough to pull it off the effort is definitely worth it!

Why You’ll Love It

The closeness of Basset Hound makes it one of the more popular rear entry sex positions. It also keeps things nice and tight, sending off delicious sensations throughout your body. It’s also the perfect position for a it of spanking if you like that sort of thing.

Tips and Tricks

Stretch a bit before you get in this position.

To get a good thrusting motion going your guy is going to have to have a pretty wide stance.

Also, if you’re going to throw it back while he’s thrusting you’re going to need something to hold on to, so the edge of a rug, chair or sofa leg will come in handy.

You can also perform anal sex just as easily in the Bassett Hound position as vaginal sex. If you are performing anal sex with your man, then he can finger you at the same time as he penetrates you for extra pleasure.

The Bassett Hound allows for really deep penetration, so be careful if your man has a fairly long or thick penis. To help you change positions, you can try putting a pillow or cushion right under your waist to elevate it.

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