Booster Seat Sex Position Guide

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Booster Seat Sex Position

Booster Seat Erotic Instructions

The secret to executing a successful Booster Seat is to get (and keep) the right momentum; although, it does help if the guy has arms powerful enough to make it happen. This rear entry sex position is also ideal for anal, and is intense and physically exerting.

In the Booster Seat sex position, you will look as though you’re sitting in a chair, but in reality you’re being held up at the waist by your partner. You use the structure under your feet for balance although you are also free to bear some of your own weight (this’ll take part of the strain off of your honey); however, it requires a couch or bed that’s low enough to do so.

Why You’ll Love It

Booster Seat is a very different way to “hit it from the back” than many other of the positions in the category. It definitely requires a decent fit level by each partner involved, but allows for the potential of some deep penetration, with is great for hitting the g-spot. Also it’s a really great anal sex position.

Tips and Tricks

Here’s a tip for your guy – keep your abdominal muscles engaged, your back braced and knees bent; above all else, don’t overdo it or you’ll be sore on the morrow.

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