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Bumper Cars Sex Position

Bumper Cars Erotic Instructions

Bumper Cars is a rear entry sex position with your guy on top but facing your feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual. You lie face-down on the bed and have your guy lay on top of your feet.

As the position will put the penis at an unusual angle from the your dude’s body (i.e. pointing downwards) care should be taken to not strain the penis further than it is comfortably capable of flexing!

Why You’ll Love It

Everybody has a part. You’re moving. He’s moving. Everyone is moving. It’s an interactive position that everyone will enjoy. If you’re not into deep penetration, this is also an excellent sex position for you.

Tips and Tricks

Use a Liberator pillow to make adjustments if there are some height or match up issues to work out. Also the key to making this position work is to find a rhythm and keep it going. So start off slow, until you are in synch. Once you’ve got the rhythm down, go as fast or slow as you want.

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