Butler Sex Position Guid

Butler Sex Position

Butler Erotic Instructions

The Butler sex position shows why hired help is a good thing. Butler is definitely one of the more naughty, and intimate of the cunnilingus sex positions.

The receiving partner stands while their partner kneels behind and between their legs. It’s best to lean up against a wall or something other structure when in the Butler sex position. Your knes sare quite literally going to get weak and you’re going to want to have something to hold onto to keep you steady and upright.

The position is particularly great for analingus and other anal play.

Why You’ll Love It

Butler makes you feel particularly naughty and dominate and submissive at the same time.

It can make you squirm, and feel uncomfortable because of its intimate nature. Don’t fret however, if you need to work on your confidence during sex, Butler is a sex position that will let you do that. Once you’ve tried it, there is nothing left to make you feel unsure or uncomfortable sexually as you can’t get more exposed than you are in thethe Butler sex position.

Direct clitoral stimulation is the way most women orgasm. Yet, unfortunately, many women aren’t getting the stimulation they need during their sexual encounters. The Butler position grants full access to your clitoris and anal nerve endings to your partner. So, it is very easy to orgasm within a few minutes in this position with just a little pleasuring from your partner.

Ultimately, there are very few positions more intimate than Butler, talk about a bonding experience.

Tips and Tricks

Hold on to something. This is a position that can really make you weak in the knees. You don’t want to fall all over your honey wen he hits that sweet spot. Also, really arch your back – not to the point where it’s uncomfortable mind you – to give your partner more access.

If you’re into analingus then Butler this is the position for you as well. Your partner has access to all of your nether regions in this position so he (or she) can pleasure you in every way possible while down there. The anus has a high concentration of nerve endings making it an erogenous zone that is sensitive to stimulation of any kind, but particularly oral stimulation.

Other Cunnilingus Sex Positions

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