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Cowgirl Erotic Instructions

Cowgirl is probably the single most famous ‘girl on top’ sex position there is. Plus, it’s easy to perform.

In the very popular Cowgirl sex position you kneel astride your partner and lean forward placing your hands on his chest or shoulders for leverage . Your partner simply lays on his back and enjoy the show and your hard work.

You have much more control over depth and angle of penetration in the Cowgirl sex position which is a must-have for good g-spot stimulation.

If you have never been ‘on top’ before, the Cowgirl position is a great place to start, and you can easily move from the basic Cowgirl positions to many of the variations of Cowgirl some of which are listed below. The great thing about Cowgirl is that you are now the one in control which can be really fun if your man is usually the one on top and calling the shots.

While the man is lying on his back, he can simply thrust up and down. Or he can slowly gyrate his hips in a swirling motion to stimulate the wall of your vagina. Or he can try doing both at the same time.

Your man can also put his hands under your bum and help to push you up and down if you are getting tired. He’ll be able to do a little anal fingering, too as well as stimulate your clitoris or just simply run his hands up and down your body fro aded stimulation

Why You’ll Love It

Cowgirl offers you a lot of control over everything from speed, depth and angle of penetration. It is also the basic Cowgirl position and you can get into most of the other Cowgirl positions from here. Also, unlike many of the other positions in this family, it is not too taxing on your legs so it’s good for all ages and fitness levels.

The position also allows for quite a bit of intimacy, from eye contact to extra simulation anally or vaginally by your partner. Cowgirl can be as intense and personal as you like, and your man can be as active or inactive as you like. Cowgirl is your sex position, it’s up to you to call the shots.

Tips and Tricks

Slippage is often a problem in this position. Nothing is more annoying and desire deflating than the penis slipping out mid-stroke. To cut down on the problem lean back a bit in the position and place your hands on his chest as opposed to his shoulders, giving you better alignment with the penis.

Sometimes women feel quite self-conscious when they first perform Cowgirl. Don’t worry about it those nerves. It’s perfectly natural to be a bit nervous the first few times you try it. To help take the pressure off, relax and maybe start with the lights off.

Alternatively, if the initmacy is a little much for your at first, trying blindfolding your man so you can feel less self-consius and turn up the kink factor at the same time. If you’re not worried about him looking at your you can relax more and really learn what angles, speeds, and moovements work best for you

Keep adjusting your position by moving your hips backwards and forwards as well as leaning your entire body either backwards or forwards, changing your speed and your depth of penetration until you find a combination that works for you and your partner..

Although your man may not enjoy it that much, a lot of women say they really enjoy ‘grinding’  to stimulate their clitoris in this position while their man is still inside them. Many have said that they much prefer this to just bouncing up and down on his penis, so give grinding a try if you’re struggling trying to find the right angle and psotioning that works for you in Cowgirl.

More Cowgirl Sex Positions

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