Deep Impact Sex Position Guide

Deep Impact Sex Position

Deep Impact Erotic instructions

Deep Impact is a sex position that lives up to its name.  It gets its name from the fact that you can have very deep penetrative sex with your man. It’s also easy to have passionate, even rough sex in this position.

If you like it deep this is the position for you. To get into the Deep Impact position, you need to lie on your back with you legs pointing toward the ceiling. Deep Impact is part of the Butterfly family of sex positions that are good for deep penetrative sex.

Your man will then get on his knees facing towards you either be on the floor, lower than you, or on the bed. Next you rest your legs on his shoulders, one on each shoulder. He then grabs you by your thighs and holds you tightly while he is thrusting into you.

Why You’ll Love It

The Deep Impact sex position is great for those who like very deep penetration. It’s also a great position for those trying to make their partner ejaculate as the angle gives you direct access to the g-spot. Deep Impact also allows for a lot of caressing of the chest and torso, making up for some of the intimacy the position causes you to lose.

Tips and Tricks

Any height difference or discomfort for you or your partner can easily be remedied by using pillows. Also try moving your legs around to different positions on his shoulders or chest allowing you to change the angle of penetration.

Deep Impact is great for rough, passionate sex with your however, the thrusting can sometimes be too much and turn from pleasurable or painful. If this happens, just place your hands gently on his hips and apply a little pressure while letting him know things have become uncomfortable for you. A change in pace and thrusting can go a long way in getting you back into a pleasurable zone.

The Deep Impact is just as good for anal sex as it is for vaginal sex. Also, Instead of grabbing you by the legs, he can grab you by the arms and use them to pull you in.

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