Delight Sex Position Guide

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Delight Sex Positions

Delight Erotic Instructions

A variation on Missionary, the Delight sex position is simple but both intimate and erotic. It’s a perfect sex position to use if you want lots of eye contact, but it’s also great if you want to get kinky and watch the action down below. You definitely want to try this one, or use it again and again!

Part of the Butterfly sex position family, Delight is an intimate sex position. You sit on the very edge of a bed, couch, etc. while your partner kneels on the floor between your legs and enters.

This is an exceptionally easy sex position to master and is highly arousing and satisfying for both partners. The female partner simply sits on a bed or chair with her legs spread and her feet flat on the floor.

The male partner gets on his knees and aligns his pelvis in between her legs for thrusting. It’s simple, but both partners get an exceptional amount of pleasure from the Delight.

Why You’ll Love It

The intimacy man. It’s all about the intimacy. You can’t help but feel extremely close to your partner in this face to face position.

Tips and Tricks

If you find that you all don’t match up in this position, use pillows under your bottom, or under your guy’s knees to adjust as needed. Also this the perfect position for kissing and caressing, so make use of it and really get to know each other.

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