Eve’s Ecstasy Sex Position Guide

Cunnilingus Sex Positions

Eve’s Ecstasy Erotic instructions

When getting oral sex, this is the way to do it. If you like to be in control or want to try something new, Eve’s Ecstasy is the best oral sex position. Your guy lies down with his head hanging over the edge of the bed (couch, love seat, dock, etc…) and then you straddle your partner’s face.

Why You’ll Love It

Eve’s ecstasy leaves you in a lot of control. You can control the sped, depth and and angle of penetration. Your orgasm is yours to control and let’s face it, it doesn’t get more intimate than this.

Tips and Tricks

By varying the way you sit on your guy you can control the amount of stimulation and access, just make sure not to put too much stress on your partner’s neck…oh and make sure he can breathe. No death by coochie eating please.

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