Ex Sex Sex Position

Erotic Instructions

Well ya’ll ain’t together anymore and you cant’ stand his ass, but the sex was still good – this is the position for you. The Ex Sex sex position is a missionary position with your guy on top but facing your feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual. You need to lie back on the bed and he has to lay on top of you, but as the position will put the penis at an unusual angle from the his body (i.e. pointing downwards) you should take care to not strain the penis further than it is comfortably capable of flexing!

Why You’ll Love It

You don’t have to look at him while you’re getting your sex on. Ex Sex leaves you in a good position to smack his rear, if you (or he) is into that sort of thing.

Tips and Tricks

Be gentle with his penis, you don’t want don’t break it (well maybe you do), so make sure you’re not moving in a way that will make his penis bend any more. You may not like him, but you may want to keep his penis intact for later use.

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