Feedbag Sex Position Guide

Erotic instructions

Satisfaction abounds in this unconventional method of cunnilingus. You get into a half bridge position on a couch or low bed. You straddle your guy’s head with your thighs, he can support your bottom half with his shoulders and gain full front access to your erogenous zones. Your weight ought to be distributed evenly across his shoulders, neck and head. If you are comfortable maintaining this pose,you can reach underneath and grasp your partner’s genitals, engaging in a lover’s handshake or stroke.

Why You Will Enjoy It

Why wouldn’t you. There is a certain level of control that comes from grasping your guys head between your thighs and still be able to stroke him at your leisure. The feedbag is definitely one of the more empowering cunnilingus positions.

Tips and Tricks

The bridge can be difficult to maintain for long periods of time. Try using a pillow to take the strain off your neck and shoulders. And practice shifting your weight to figure out exactly how much you can place on his shoulders, neck and head and how much you have to maintain yourself.

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