Golden Gate Sex Position Guide

Erotic Instructions

This isn’t like any other 69 sex position you’ve ever seen. Golden Gate is not for the faint of heart or the inflexible. This position definitely has a degree of difficulty of 10!

You’re bent over reaching far back to orally pleasure your honey while he (or she) helps brace you by holding on to your hips and thighs, orally pleasuring you as well.. like I’ve already pointed out this position isn’t for the feint of heart, the out of shape or the inflexible. Make your knees touch your elbows indeed.

Get into the bridge position. Then reach back with one arm at a time and place your arms in the ready position. Once your guy (or gal) is underneath you , you can kneel and bend your head back to take him in your mouth.

Why You’ll Love it

Um…can you imagine telling your girls ’bout this one? And if you you can pull this one off then there isn’t a sex position you can’t do. You deserve a cookie if you’re pulling this one off.

Tips & Tricks

Guys, hold your penis out for comfortable swallowing, and when you’re ready for the next move, for heaven’s sake, help her out of this one carefully.

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