Kneeling 69 Sex Position Guide

Erotic Instructions

Alright, this version of 69 is for my more acrobatic folk. Your guy (or girl) will require considerable upper body strength to pull this off without hurting both of ya’ll. Amateurs and weaklings (no offense) don’t try this at home. This is for the advanced (and strong) only. You’ve been warned!

So, to get into this position your guy needs quite a bit of strength and a little bit of patience…He/She should kneel down and help you manoeuvre into position (perhaps off the edge of a couch or bed), with him placing his head between your legs while wrapping his legs loosely around your neck and shoulders, as well as placing your arms tightly around the his back.

Then he wraps his arms tightly around your back (keeping his back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to your head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.

Why You’ll Love It

The feeling of weightlessness will just heighten the pleasure from the oral sex. Granted, it may be a little to concentrate on your pleasure while you are also doing the pleasuring, the being held upside down, with the resultant blood rush, will definitely add new dimensions to your oral experience.

Tips and Tricks

Get into this position CAREFULLY. Make sure your partner is strong enough to hold you. The last thing you want is to be dropped on your head in the process. Also keep your oral sex movements slow and precise, you don’t have the space or ability to be truly aggressive with your movements.

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