Lap Dance Sex Position Guide

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Lap Dance Sex Position

Lap Dance Erotic Instructions

The Lap Dance sex position is one of the highest rated; it puts you on top while keeping penetration mobility high and its rear entry while remaining very intimate.

To get into the position, your partner sits . It is also incredibly versatile, so make sure to experiment with it on other furniture… a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing: a bed, stairs, or the edge of the bathtub.

Why You’ll Love it

For women who like the deep penetration of rear entry positions combined with the control of Cowgirl positions, then you will love Lap Dance. It combines the best of both worlds leaving you and your partner breathless and ready for round two.

Tips and Tricks

Use your partner’s thighs as support or try the position in a chair with arms to offer you some leverage. If their is a major height difference between you and your partner then a low sitting sofa, the edge of the tub or some other low piece of furniture is the best place to perform this position.

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