Licking the Flag Pole Sex Position Guide

Licking the Flagpole Erotic Instructions

Licking the Flagpole is an excellent way to pleasure your lady either as a warm-up or as the main event. To get into position you lay on your side, propped up on your arm while one leg is stretched out on the bed and the other holding up with your hand. Next your honey lies in on his (or her) side and comes in at angle to do the “pleasuring.” Ultimately the Licking the Flagpole sex position is a nice switch up from a standard oral sex position with a woman on her back and knees bent up or out to the sides.

Why You’ll Love It

This is the come hither of come hither poses. You’re fully exposed and have a birds eye view of the action. There isn’t a spot your guy (or gal) will miss in this position.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re particularly flexible you can lay on your side and still hold your leg up or you can pull your leg all the back making access to your lady parts even easier and more enticing for your partner.

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