Peepshow Sex Position Guide

Erotic Instructions

The Peepshow version of fellatio has both of you lying on your sides with both of you facing the same way, head-to-toe. Your guy opens his legs to allow your head between their thighs from behind. You then perform oral from a side-laying position.

Why You’ll Love It

If you’re one who really enjoys giving oral sex then you will love the Peepshow position because it will totally turn your guy on. What man doesn’t want to have his woman’s head between his legs, pleasuring him orally.

Tips and Tricks

Find a comfortable position to lie in. It can be a bit of a strain on your neck if you aren’t angled properly. You are also able to reach around and use your hands to caress and explore your partner’s lower body, so take advantage of the opportunity to add more sensations to an already pleasurable experience.

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