Prison Guard Sex Position Guide

Prison Guard Erotic Instructions

Prison Guard position is very similar to Ben Dover, but with you bending over at the waist and with your wrists pulled back and held by your honey (as if cuffed together). Bending over pushes the pelvis back against your guy allowing easier and deeper penetration, but is otherwise less intimate than the regular standing version.

For variation you should try spreading your legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther the legs are spread the deeper your guy is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to super quad workout. To overcome height differences, he should try squatting, or you should be given something to stand on.

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Why You’ll Love It

If you like it deep this is the position for you. If you like doggy style in general, Prison Guard is a great way to switch things up. It’s one of the best standing sex positions since it’s easy to get into, and if your guy is flexible enough height differences are easy to overcome. Also with your guy holding your arms it adds a sense of weightlessness to the experience which increases the erotic factor.

Tips and Tricks

Balance is key otherwise you will be tumbling all over the place. So plant your feet wide and tell you partner to make sure he has a good grip or you’ll be tumbling over and that’s just not sexy.

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