Reverse Amazon Sex Position Guide

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Like the Amazon, the reverse Amazon is sexual position with the woman on top position with the male’s legs on either side of the female’s thighs. The male lies on his back on the bed and raises his legs. The female approaches the male in reverse, so her bottom is facing the male. She mounts the penis in this position and controls penetration with her legs.

Pros of the Reverse Amazon Sexual Position

The female is in control of this position, but the male partner can take a bit of control if needed. Penetration can be limited if penis size is a problem. Couples with height differences can accomplish this sexual position quite easily.

Cons of the Reverse Amazon Sexual Position

The female must hold all of her weight on her legs and knees. Many women feel pressure on the knees and thighs in just a few minutes.

Tips for the Reverse Amazon Sexual Position

If the female feels pain in the legs or knees, she can rest a bit of her weight on the hamstrings of her partner. Females can also shift forward and place the hands on the bed or floor as needed to take pressure off the legs and knees.