Standing 69 Sex Position Guide

Erotic Instructions

For those who tried and loved the kneeling 69 position, here is a way you can up the anti and show just how bad ass you really are. However, don’t even think about trying the Standing 69 position unless your guy (or gal) can squat your weight.

To get into the standing 69 position your good night needs a lot of strength and a little bit of patience… He should start from the Sitting 69 position, sitting down in a fairly high chair and help you maneuver into position, with you placing your head between the his legs while wrapping your own legs loosely around your guys neck and shoulders, andy our arms tightly around your guys back.

Next, your guy (or gal!) wraps their own arms tightly around your back and stands up carefully (keeping his back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to your head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.

Why You’ll Love It

What’s there not to like. Oral sex is always great. The floating feeling you get from being upside down and in the air just heightens your pleasure and intensifies your orgasm.

Tips and Tricks

Take your time getting into this positions. Make sure the weight transfers properly. You don’t want to topple over or lose your balance in any way. Don’t try this if you don’t have the strength to maintain the position. Try Sitting 69 or Kneeling 69 as a build up to Standing 69.

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