The Big Dipper Sex Position Guide

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Big Dipper Sex Position

Erotic Instructions

The Big Dipper sex position can truly be called sexercise. It takes a certain level of fitness to excel at this position. To get into the Big Dipper, your guy positions himself in between two very sturdy units such as a couch edge and an ottoman, placing his hands on the surface behind him like he’s doing triceps dips. And he places his his legs out in front of him on the other surface. You stand over him with knees slightly bent, straddling their legs. From there he does dips to create a thrusting motion.

Why You’ll Love It

It’s different and oddly relaxing. This is truly a “lazy” sex position for the partner on the receiving end, slight bending of the legs aside. The novelty of the position can heighten the experience. And if you like deep thrusting since, then the Big Dipper is for you.

Tips & Tricks

He can counter any height differences by squatting. If it’s too tough for him to do a full dip, try doing squat thrusts to create more movement. You can also add squats to sync with his thrusting for extra pleasure.

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