7 Male Sex Toys We Love And So Will You

1. Adonis Extension

The Adonis Extension adds a full 2 inches to length and has a soft sensual feel for your partner. Unfortunately, for many, the size of the penis often affects how much partners view their sex life. This is where Adonis Extension comes in. The Adonis Extension is a sex toy designed to give you a fuller, longer penis to pleasure your partner. There’s no better way to make you and your partner happier during sex than with the Adonis Penis Extension.

2. Vulcan + Vibration Love Skin Masturbator Ripe Mouth

The Vulcan Love Skin Vibrating Masturbator Ripe Mouth is a realistic LoveSkin masturbator. It has six functions of vibrations and pulsation and the texturized insides delivers increased sensations delivering powerful rgasms every time. The Vulcan Love Skin Vibrating Masturbator Ripe Mout is also waterproof, so you can take the fun from the bedroom to the shower with ease.

3. Performance Magnum Extender Penis Extension

Blush Novelties Performance Magnum Extender extends your penis by 1.75-inches and increases your girth .3-inches all the way around. Your partner will love the new you as the Performance Magnum Extender is made of material that was developed to mimic the feel of the human body. The Magnum Extender warms to your body temperature and has just the right amount of give. Stretch it over your erect penis; enter your partner and enjoy.

4. Mega 3-Inch Extension

With the Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 3-Inch Extension, you can turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine. The Mega 3 Inches Extension is a customizable extension that can be easily trimmed at the base for a perfect fit. It is super stretchy to accommodate most sizes and snug enough to help you last longer.

Your partner will enjoy deeper penetration with the extra three-inches the penis extension provides; while the ultra-lifelike shaft makes you 66% thicker all around. The soft Fanta Flesh material feels just like a second skin, giving you the length, girth, and confidence you need to satisfy your lover.

However, while Fanta Flesh feels great, it is highly porous and can trap bacteria inside the extension making it impossible to clean thoroughly. Keep that in mind before purchasing.

5. My First Virgin Pussy and Ass

Live out your fantasies with this real feel male masturbator. The pocket pussy is six-inches in length and 3.5-inches wide. Use it in the privacy of your own home or pack it with you when you’re on the go. Just be sure to pack it away discreetly, so you won’t have to answer any uncomfortable quetions when traveling.

The My First Virgin Pussy and Ass pocket pussy also has a variable speed vibrating bullet and dual entry capabilities. If you won’t to keep cleanup to a minimum or plan on sharing the masturbator, use a condom when using it.

6. Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer

Porn legend Shane Diesel is known for his massive penis size and sexual prowess, and the Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer brings the sex with a porn star fantasy to many. The Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer is molded directly from Shane Diesels enormous cock.

Made from Thermoplastic Rubber TPR whihc phthalates-free (but possibly porous) the Be Shane Extension Girth Enhancer is the perfect and long awaited tool for those eager to deliver some o their own diesel power. The penis extension is eight-inches in length and 2.3-inches in girth.

7. Xtend It Kit Realistic Penis Extender

Get ready for some extended length and enhanced girth with the Xtend It Realistic Penis Extender Kit.

Each DIY kit includes a hollow 9 inches sleeve, featuring a 1-inch extension already built into the firm head, and a plush 2-inch extension for inserting into the tip of the sleeve.

Simply trim the ends of each UR3 piece for 1, 2, or 3 inches of a completely personalized penis extension, and you(and your partner) will be ready for an amazing evening.



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