Complete Guide to LELO Femme and Homme Vibrators

LELO Billy Prostate Massager

LELO Personal Massagers and Male Sex Toys

LELO is known for putting the luxury in luxury sex toys. The premiere luxury sex toy company, LELO seeks to raise the bar for creating products that give immense pleasure, but are also beautiful to look at as well. LELO’s other collection of sex toys, Insignia, is a line of luxury waterproof toys that feature a remote-controlled couples’ toys and touch-sensor body massagers.

Now with the Femme & Homme LELO continues the tradition of beauty and functionality with a luxury line of personal massagers and male sex toys. The collection consists of external massagers, g-spot massagers, a vibrating cock ring for couples and a prostate massager for guys seeking their own pleasure toys.

The Ultimate Guide to LELO Femme & Homme Vibrators

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Features of the LELO Femme & Homme Line

When you bill yourself as a luxury sex toy manufacturer you have to live up to the billing. There are certain features you expect from a luxury sex toy brand. LELO doesn’t disappoint there either, haiving all the features you’d expect from luxury sex toys and then some:

  • Made of 100% body safe, ultra smooth and phalates free materials
  • Multi-speed vibrations
  • Dual motors
  • Rechargeable
  • Many models are waterproof
  • Ergonomically correct design
  • 1 year warranty with 10 year warranty option
  • Discreet, beautiful packaging

How to Choose the Right LELO Vibrator for You

So how do you know which LELO vibrator is right for you? Well outside of checking out the comparison chart above and comparing the features of the various vibrators, you need to decide what you’re looking for, what you’re looking for the vibrator to accomplish (clitoral stimulation vs.. g-spot stimulation) and your budget considerations. Here’s a complete list of what you can consider when looking for the perfect vibrator:

For Beginners

If you’re a beginner to the sex toy game than you’re going to want a vibrator that’s easy to use, possibly not to powerful to start and overall not too intimidating. Also since the majority of women (about 70%) reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation, than an external vibrator is what you’re going to start off with. The LELO vibrators for you would be the:

This breakthrough in pleasurable design is LELO’s first ever personal massager. The gentle curve is perfectly formed to be cupped against the clitoris for solo play, and can even be nestled between you and your partner during lovemaking for some added external sensations.

This go-to handbag accessory makes a great gift for a pleasure-loving pal (or yourself, more importantly) due to its discreet shape, size and infinitely useful simplicity. This lipstick-lookin’ vibe has some serious strength despite its petite frame, and can be charged via USB – how’s that for easy and irresistible?

For Those Who Want Power

This next set of vibes are still good for the beginner, but for the beginner who knows they want power in their adult toy. These are also external vibrators, great for clitoral stimulation and excellent for foreplay.

Probably the most beautiful of all LELO’s sex toys, this fully-waterproof vibe is good to go for bath or shower-time, while its unique cut-out handle gives effective and comfortable control during the heat of the moment. It’s a great choice for solitary moments of a sensual kind – but even better when shared with someone else.

A lady’s original assistant before Apple came along, this is LELO’s most powerful external massager, featuring a strong motor that can go from 0 to mind-blowing at the touch of a button. This is an ideal choice for those looking for a stronger vibe, with a low setting that begins at a deep throb and a high setting that feels like an intense rumble.

For Those Who Want Penetration

While most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, there are those who need penetration to have those mind blowing orgasms. LELO’s penetrative vibes just what you need to fill you up and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Elise 2
Elise 2 is a traditional vibrator for those who like their vibrators simple yet powerful. It has 100% more powerful vibrations than its forerunner, and with a slight curve does well to reach the g-spot though it is not specifically designed for that. With its 10 different vibration settings it has a speed to fit every body.

Mona 2
It is a powerful g-spot vibrator, perfect for the lady who needs strong vibrations and deep penetration to reach orgasm. It’s also body safe, high quality, strong, rechargeable, and versatile; everything one adores and desire in their sex toys.

Ina 2
The Ina 2 is LELO’s most powerful rabbit vibrator. This vibe is curvaceous with a double motor for simultaneous clitoral and g spot stimulation. Ina 2 is stylish, powerful and well designed, providing the best dual stimulation on the market today.

For Couples

Sex Toys don’t only have to be a solo endeavor. They are a great way to spice up the sex life for both partners.

Tor 2
Tor 2 may be a cock ring but it is best described as a couples vibrator. Designed to be worn by men during intercourse, the TOR™ 2 encourages a fuller and longer-lasting presence for breath-taking intensity. Its award-winning design delivers satisfying vibrations for her to enjoy.

Femme & Homme Vibrator Reviews

We’ve had a lot to say about the greatness of LELO’s Femme & Homme vibrators and massagers, but what to customers have to say about the awesomeness of the products? Here are some reviews from out partner The Adult Toy Store:

Billy Reviews

Great Gentleman’s Massager

This is my first p-spot vibrator have bought and it definitely is worth it! I loved the different vibrations and how long the charge lasted. It definitely was a breeze to use while masturbating and gave me the best orgasm I’ve had. It is very discrete and makes little to no noise even on full blast. My only complaint is how big it is but, I am experienced with anal play. I will definitely recommend to anyone and will be using mine when I can’t use my bigger toys! – analplayer

Lelo Billy is an exclusive instrument for gentlemen. It’s versatility is unparalleled in the pleasure industry. Made of silicone, it’s safe for your body, and though minimalist in design, it boasts five potent palpitations. The controller is designed for harmonious interplay between toy and owner. Billy recharges within two hours for an afternoon of divinity. – Justin

Ina 2 Reviews

One Of The Best G-Spot Vibes On The Market!

I own both the original Gigi and the 2.0 version. There are definite benefits to the newer model – additional power and waterproof capability being huge pluses. This is easily one of my favourite LELO vibes. – Ashleigh

Nea Reviews

Best Vibrator To Use During Sex

I love white, so this caught my eye straight away. It looks good, too, and the size was a big plus point, nice and discreet, and easy to use during sex. The curve of the design means I can stimulate my clit and my mons area at the same time. And it’s great to use during sex because it fits perfectly over my pussy as my lover is penetrating me. When we’re having doggy-style sex, or I’m on top, this vibrator is very easy to position accordingly, so it’s a good all rounder. The controls are not in the way of your body, either, so there’s no chance of it switching itself off at the most important moments! The only downside, really, is that it’s quite light and slippery, so if you’re using too much lube it can be difficult to control and can easily slip out of your hand. But with a bit of practice, you should be okay. It’s rechargeable, so you won’t waste extra money on batteries, and it’s also surprisingly quiet. – Deanne


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