Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong Review

About the Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong

The Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong is a great toy for solo play and for fun with a partner, but you should each have your own. This dildo is made with an antibacterial jelly formula, but I wouldn’t recommend sharing this toy with anyone. This toy is porous and will hold bacteria. I would not recommend this toy for anal play because it does not have a flared base. The jelly is squishy and comfortable, but not too soft. This toy looks and feels very realistic.

Materials & Texture

This dildo is made out of jelly which is not phthalate free. It does have a strong smell that may bother some people, but it didn’t bother me much.

This toy has veins which feel amazing. I have to say that this dildo feels as close to the real thing as a dildo could. It’s soft and a little squishy which adds to the pleasure.

The problem with Jelly is that it is also very porous, so no matter how well you clean it small bits of bacteria may be left behind. While it feels nice, it likely can’t be used too many times without issue. If it starts to change color or have an odor (outside of the initial new car smell) then you know it is time to rid yourself of the toy.

Design & Features

This toy is realistic looking. The Crystal Jellies Classic is 7 3/4 inches long and is 5 1/4 inches around. The size was a bit intimidating at first, but it fit with no problem. The jelly material makes for a realistic feel, so it is very close to feeling like the real thing.
Performance & Use

I would recommend this for beginners and advanced users. This toy is a little big for travel, but it does not make noise, so you could bring it with you depending on the situation. I don’t recommend using it anally because of the lack of a stopper and the porous nature of the jelly material.

Crystal Jellies * Inch Dong

Care & Maintenance

Very little maintenance is needed with this toy. Soap and water or toy cleaner works fine, but you need to keep it away from places with lint or pet hair because it will all stick to it and have to be cleaned. Because of the potentially porous nature, store your Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong away from your other sex toys.

Final thoughts

The Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong feels amazing and is perfect for solo or partner play. However, the jelly material means this toy isn’t one that is likely to last you a long time. Remember there is any discoloration, or it starts to smell, get rid of it immediately.

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Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong

Crystal Jellies Classic 8 Inch Dong

Design & Featrues


    Materials & Textures


      Performance & Use


        Care & Maintenance



          • Realistic shape
          • Realisitc feel
          • Great size


          • Made of jelly
          • Porous
          • Not phthalates free

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