Fingers, Toes, Knees and Elbows: What Non-Sexual Body Parts Turn You On?

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Erogenous Zones

Let’s Talk Erogenous Zones

When it comes to sex it’s what I like to call “the intangibles” that can take an average sexual encounter and turn it into an amazing one. For me, the intangibles generally include doing naughty things to non-obvious body parts. You know, the fingers, toes, knees, and elbows…all those places people can forget to play with in an effort to hit all the “hot spots.”

While fingers and toes are a pretty obvious go to non-sexual body parts, when is the last time someone caressed the back of your knees or kissed your elbows? How about tickled your knee caps and teased your spine? Or licked your collar bone or nibbled on your hips?

When you look at the Female Erogenous Zones there are some surprises: Neck, Navel, Ribs, Breasts, Inner Thighs, Back of the Knees, Toes & Clitoris.

While I don’t think the neck, inner thighs or breasts are a surprise, who would have thought caressing the ribs or the navel would be a hot spot?

For Male Erogenous Zones there are fewer surprises, but some interesting locations nonetheless: Ears, Lips, Neck, Scalp, Chest, Inner Thighs, Glans Head, Perineum, Anus, & Scrotum.

I have a friend who melts if you rub his scalp. It’s an instant turn on for him. While many straight men eschew any anal play, it’s really silly for them to do so. The prostate is located ’round those parts so it is a very sensitive (and pleasurable) place for men.

Unfortunately too many straight men associate any sort of anal play with homosexuality. Like I say to folk: there is a difference between a sex act and sexual orientation. If it’s a woman doing the playing, then your sexuality is not in question.

Why miss out on a boatload of pleasure because of ignorance?

With that said, I think when people comment that the sex has gotten boring it’s because they’ve forgotten that a. we’re three dimensional and b. there are so many delicious pleasure centers on our oddly shaped and often amusing to look at bodies. If we took a little more time to hit these often overlooked spots I think we’d be hard-pressed to find too many “boring” moments in bed.

So, A Big Butt And A Smile readers…what are the non-sexual body parts that get you hot? And which are the ones you wish received more attention in the sack?

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