Yes, Lesbians Can Have Sex and No It Doesn’t Have to Involve a Penis

Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex: No Penis Needed

So I was poking around on The Frisky yesterday and came across the funniest of articles. Seems like this young woman was told by her (male) friend that she couldn’t possibly have had sex with her girlfriend…’cause well…she didn’t have a penis:

I was recently in the car with a friend of mine, discussing my girlfriend and, I’ll admit, I was talking about my sex life. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I know it contained the phrase, “Then we had sex.” At this point my friend, a dude, took it upon himself to inform me that, “Lesbians can’t have sex.”

Rather than jam a tube of lipstick in his eye, I said, “Lesbians absolutely have sex.” We spent the rest of the car ride arguing about this, my friend repeatedly telling me to look up of the definition of sex in the dictionary. He was sure, he said, that it would contain the word “penis.”

Now while the author goes on to talk about how she’s hurt and saddened by such ignorant statements and wonders if someone is going to, “Sneak into my room and sand those notches off my bedpost?” to invalidate her non-sex acts, I couldn’t help put giggle at the high level of arrogance and ignorance of her friend who couldn’t seem to comprehend that men are not always needed for sex to occur.

I remember being young thinking lesbians couldn’t possibly have that much to do in bed since there was no penis involved. Of course, this was before I learned about strap-ons and before I read The Hite Report, which made me realize that when it comes to sex, lesbian or otherwise, you’re just limited by your and your partner’s imagination.

So, yes lesbians can (and do) have sex and no (sorry fellas) the presence of a penis is not needed.

I know men like to think the word revolves around their members and that all us ladies just can’t survive sexually without them, but uh…no…there are plenty of women, lesbian and straight, who are much more interested in other appendages. And honestly, I think men would ultimately increase their sex game if they took the time to learn how to please a woman without the penis. They would have a whole portfolio of ways to get a lady off instead of relying on the same old same old.

Like I said, when it comes to sex you’re only limited by your imagination.

And as one commenter on The Frisky put it:

Sex is not an action, it is a category or genre of action. Many different actions fall under the heading of sex, which includes all forms of intimate physical contact that takes place between one or more (yes, I count masturbation as a form of sex) individuals of any gender or orientation.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.





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