The Real Reasons Women Have Sex: It Ain’t for Love

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The Real Reasons Women Have Sex

Seems like women have sex for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with love, pleasure or having babies. According to new research the real reasons women have sex are varied, and, some would say, surprising:

“Research has shown most men find most women at least somewhat sexually attractive, whereas most women do not find most men sexually attractive at all,” Why Women Have Sex authors Cindy Meston and David Buss said.

Having apparently discounted physical attraction, the 1000 women interviewed by the Texas University professors gave a huge range of reasons for sleeping with a man.

One said she did it for a spiritual experience, proclaiming: “It’s the closest thing to God.”

But mostly the explanations were far more mundane, with 84 per cent admitting to having sex just to ensure a quiet life or to bargain for household chores. One woman said: “I have sex to relieve the boredom because it’s easier than fighting. Plus it gives me something to do.”

While it may not come as welcome news, some women have sex out of sympathy, with one admitting: “I slept with a couple of guys because I felt sorry for them.”

But many have more selfish motives, with financial or material rewards a major factor.

In one survey of students, nearly one in 10 women admitted to “having sex for presents”. Others said: “He bought me a nice dinner”, “he spent a lot of money on me early on”, “he showed me he had an extravagant lifestyle”.

And rather than love or romance, for many women sex is just about fun. Six in 10 university students said they slept with a male friend who was not their boyfriend.

“Life is too damn short to be waiting four years to have sex again,” one said.


Most women don’t find men sexually attractive.

That’s pure hilarity.

No surprise that women have sex for presents. I don’t really think that’s news.

I’ve definitely had sex out of boredom. A good many of my undergraduate relationships resulted out of boredom.

My life wasn’t particularly exciting so I used men as a form of entertainment.

I will say though I’ve definitely been physically attracted to about 90% of the men I’ve slept with. I like hot, hard body men and I’ve slept with my fair share.

That’s part of my problem now.

I am completely unwilling to compromise in the looks department as far as what I find attractive. If there is any shot of us having a great sex life (and ultimately a good relationship) then I need to find you attractive. If not, well I’m not the most monogamous person to being with…

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