Sex With Weaves: Just Keep Your Hands on the Titties?

Sex With Weaves

Sex With Weaves

So I just watched the official trailer for Chris Rock’s “Good hair,” and the question of how does weave sex (sex with a woman wearing weaves) work:

Nia Long suggests you just, “stay on top.”

And in the end Andre Harrell seems to say you, ?just keep your hands on the titties.”

So, now I’m curious…how does sex with weaves work?

I’ve never had a weave so I wouldn’t know. And currently I have no hair so I really wouldn’t know.


So Ladies and Gents please help me out here: if you’re a man who’s had sex with a woman with weave or ladies if you’ve had sex with a weave…let me know how that works.

is there any hair pulling?

Any running fingers through your hair?

Do you avoid the hair at all cost?


Kinky Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Jay Fingers 14 years ago

    I’ve had a too many experiences with weave-a-licious chicks that left me avoiding hair no matter how hot and heavy we may get.

    Then again, I’ve never been a big hair-puller anyway, so, you know.

    • Author
      admin 14 years ago

      C when I had hair I like having it pulled.

      Now you can rub my head or push it down in the pillow or grab me by the throat.

      All work nicely.

  2. […] my intention. If we learn anything from Thembi’s piece and Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair” is that black hair is rarely if eve, just hair and anyone who says otherwise is perhaps in […]

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