9 Sex Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Sex Life

Male Submissive BDSM

9 Sex Tips

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9 Sex Tips To Try Tonight

Okay maybe you don’t have to try all nine sex tips tonight, but they should definitely go on your “to do” list. Sex, like most things, is only as good (or bad) as you let it be. When folk say they are bored with the sex they are having, that’s not a partner problem, that’s an idea problem. It doesn’t take a lot to “spice up” ones sex life, it just requires a willingness to think out side the box and try new things. These nine sex tips are a good way to get started. Let’s dive in.

1. Tickle The Toes

Foot Massage
There’s a reason why a foot rub feels nice. There’s a concentration of nerve endings in the sole of the feet and the tips of the toes; so rubbing, kissing licking that area can be very pleasurable to some. When you’re looking to get things started, try a nice foot massage and if your partner likes it, move into caressing their soles with your tongue and then sucking on the toes. Now that’s not for everybody, but for those who like it, it can be a very good warm-up leading to a really good time.

Be careful, all those nerve endings can make some people very ticklish on their feet. Instead of getting them hot and bothered you can send them into giggling, laughing fits. However, that could also lead to a good time, so have fun.

2. Tie Him Up

Male Submissive BDSM

Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting means trying new things, or in this case tying new things. Men are often trying to make women submit, well the way I see it men need a bit of submission as well. And there’s no better way to accomplish making a man submit than tying him up. Use ties, handcuffs, scarves, whatever fits your fancy, but make sure his hands and ankles are firmly in place so he can’t easily escape.

Throw in a mask to make it even more daring, and then have your way with him. Make him beg for mercy before you stop. Of course turnabout is fair play, so I’m sure he’s going to want his turn as the dominate one and you the submissive. Don’t be mean. Go ahead and let him have his fun too!

3. Leave Your Knickers At Home


Or simply put, go panty-less. Panties are great. No panties is even better. If you have a date night lined up with the honey, try going pantiless for the evening. Wear a knee length (or longer) dress or skirt sans the panties. You don’t need to make an announcement this is what you’re doing, but send him a text before he comes to pick you up, on your way to meeting him, or however you all meet. Don’t mention it again for the rest of the night. As a matter of fact if he tries to bring it up, ignore him and change the topic.

If you all are riding in the same car, make sure your dress/skirt rides up just enough to entice him without actually showing anything. You’ll feel frisky and free minus your underwear and he will have nothing else on him mind besides what’s going on under your skirt. By the time ya’ll get home, he will be more than ready for the evening’s festivities.

4. Ask For What You Want

Just Ask

As women, we’re often raised with very contradictory messages about sex. If we’re too wild we’re hoes. If we’re not wild enough we’re prudes. Too often this sets up confusion and uncertainty about sex that, for many women, carries over into adulthood. Unfortunately, as much we’d like them to be, men aren’t mind readers.

If you don’t tell your partner what you want, what turns you on, what feels good, they are not going to know. You can’t just assume because he’s a man he’s going to magically know all of your hot-spots and exactly how you like it and where to put it. We often complain that men don’t know what they’re doing, but then we hold them to an impossible standard of knowing exactly what we want, and when they fail, it’s there fault.

So, if you’re grown woman getting her grown and sexy on, it’s time you speak up. Tell a brother what you want. It’s doesn’t have to be a serious conversation. It can be fun and playful as one’s sexual experience should be. As the saying goes, closed mouths don’t get fed, they don’t have orgasms either. So get to it. And start having the sex you were meant to have.

5. Turn Kiddie Candy Into A Sex Toy

Candy Bracelet

So here’s a fun tip to add a little variety to your sex life. Take a candy bracelet, you know the cute bracelets made of smarties (smarties are small, round, tart candies for those who missed out on childhood) that kids place on the wrists and nibble on, and turn it into a garter belt. Yep you read that right, a garter belt.

All you have to do is take the candy bracelet and place it on your thigh under your clothes. When you’re getting undressed, or your Honey is undressing you let them know he has to eat the candy bracelet off of you, BUT he has to start at your ankles first and work his way up to the bracelet. Talk about setting the mood.

6. Put Some Honey In The Honey Pot

Honey Pot

I’m not always big on food and sex, but honey is a great substance to use during sexy time. It is an aphrodisiac after all. You can make using it during sex even more fun by putting it and you on the menu. Just take some honey and pack it tightly into your vulva – relax, people take honey baths all the time, your lady parts should be just fine, – then let your Honey know that you’re sweet enough to eat. Literally.

7. Play A Little Dress-Up

role play costume
Sometimes it’s fun to be someone else, something we did a lot as kids, but forget as adults. Things can get routine and mundane in a relationship, so try spicing it up with a little role playing.

You can be the naughty french maid and he can be the owner of the house you’re sent to clean. Or maybe he’s the hunky pool boy and you’re the bored heiress who needs more than her pool taken care of. Or perhaps a sexy costume or new lingerie is enough to heat things up and add newness to your sex life. Whatever you decide to do just remember to keep it fun, interesting and something you’re excited about trying.

8. Perform A Little Striptease

Male Striptease

Now I know what you’re thinking. Perform a striptease? That’s not very original, you’re thinking. Ahh, but I’m not talking about you, the woman, performing the striptease; I’m suggesting you have your man strip it off. Conventional wisdom says women should be the ones taking their clothes off. I say it’s ’bout time for the men to strip it off for their ladies.

Tell him to rock your favorite underwear (boxers, boxer briefs, tightie-whiteys if that’s your thing) and to move it real slow, or how ever you like it. Throw on a little music (Roscoe’s No Hands seems appropriate), toss him the baby oil, and tell him to get the show started. If everything goes well, his performance should make for some good laughs and some good sex. Don’t forget to get your lap dance, and try tossing out some dollars for a lil’ encouragement. And if you really want to keep it lively, add a stripper pole for added effect.

9. Use Your Nipples

I often say it’s not the end of journey that’s important, but the journey itself that matters. Foreplay is the beginning of that journey and just like sex there are a million and one ways you can spice things up. This is personally one of my favorite moves and gets the desired result every time:

Have your honey lie on their back and straddle them. Lean as close to them as you can, but have only your nipples touching their body (sorry tiny boob ladies this move works best for those with an abundance of breasts). Lightly rake your nipples across their body. You can move in circles, up and down or side to side, the movement is up to you, but the goal is to have your nipples be as light as a feather on their body.

Bonus: Make sure to rub your nipples over his buttocks. The butt is extra sensitive for both sexes so running your nipples across it will send shivers down your honey’s spine.

Double Bonus: Lick the cleft of their butt and then blow on it. Immediately after blowing, slowly run your nipples between his buttocks. He’ll thank you for it later.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Nine very simple sex tips to add a little spice to your sex life. Nothing here is too wild or out in the ordinary to at least try once to see if it is something you and your partner can enjoy. At worse you have some awkward moments and a good story to tell, at best you give your sex life some new life and add some things you love to your sexual repertoire. As always, be safe and have fun.

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