Lil’ Wayne’s World: Lady Officers and Pissed Off Baby Mommas

So, even though he has two women pregnant and two babies already out the oven as well as a girlfriend Lil’ Wayne was spotted out with another dummy woman a few days ago:

Why it’s no other than Lady Officer. Hmm…is she going to be baby mama #5?  Hey, then Wayne could complete his basketball team. Hell if he gets D. Woods little sister pregnant he’d even have his sixth man. How great would that be?

Why I am surprised. This fool did say he wanted to “fuck every girl in the world.”


Now on to Dumb and Dumber also known as Nivea and Lauren London.

First last week Nivea apparently was pissed about Wayne’s new side piece and twittered about it:

Mood: betrayed

Wanting everyone to know that Shanell (the background slut that sings with lil wayne) is a piece of trash and not to be respected! she smiled in my face all whi –


Really, really?

This nigga has you knocked up, has another chick knocked up AND when you all were supposedly “engaged” he had a baby by another no name chick while you were rocking his pics on your MySpace page and the ONLY thing you’re upset about is that he may be screwing his backup singer?


Oh and the stupidity doesn’t end as Ms. Lauren London has been “shocked and awed” at the news that Wayne has Nivea knocked up:

I was told yesterday Lauren London was at lost for words today after finding out that her baby daddy was expecting another child yesterday. Lauren who is almost 6 months pregnant didn’t know anything about Nivea pregnancy, and found out online and was outraged. Like every other star these days, she took to her Twitter page to express how she felt. But after speaking to a family friend left the topic alone.

She then decided to spend the day with her family and close friends. Lauren told her friends that she is worried if her career is over as a result of these issues. As we all know Lauren is on the pinnacle of Black Hollywood as the face of Sean John and reoccurring role in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 on the CW. A reliable source stated that Wayne doesn’t want anything to do with Lauren.


I’m at a lost for words on how absolutely STUPID this shit is. You obviously was fucking him when he was supposedly ENGAGED to Nivea AND through the random ass chick having his baby BUT you’re just so DISTRAUGHT that he had his supposed FIANCE knocked up?


And yes your career should be over for being so gotdamn stupid. Who the hell would even care at this point that your trifling ass baby daddy who (rumor has it) doesn’t want anything to do with u and was not happy that your ass was pregnant in the first place would have some other chick knocked up?

Newsflash: Fuck him. You have a baby to worry about now and you can’t be caught up in the drama that is Lil’ Wayne’s life. This is one Wayne’s World you don’t need any part of. Concern yourself with this baby that will be here soon and how you will teach him how NOT to be like his father.

And hopefully through all of this you go and find your good sense that was left somewhere on Wayne’s bed sheets.

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